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Achillion Palace

Achillion is one of the most famous sights, not only in Corfu but, in all of Greece.  This magnificent Palace was built in 1890 exclusively by the former Empress of Austria Elizabeth, known as Empress Sissy. It used to serve as the summer retreat of the Empress. The empress’s doctors, due to her fragile health recommended her the ideal climate of Corfu.  Accordingly to the legend, the Empress fell in love with Corfu, so much. So, she decided to build a residence that she could call her own. The Greek legends and mythology captivated Empress Sissi. Her favorite was Achilles on whose honor she dedicated the palace.

The Achillion Palace is located in the picturesque Gastouri village, just ten kilometers northwest of Corfu town. Set in a place of mesmerizing beauty with Corfu coast down below. Among olive groves and the verdant nature of the island. The gardens are impeccable. They are replete with sculpted statues of the Greek pantheon that makes for a truly mythical setting.

After Sissy’s brutal assassination in 1898, the emperor of Germany Wilhelm II, also known as Kaiser bought the Palace. He visited Corfu and Achillion many times and he was admiring the greek warrior, Achilles. Indeed, the gigantic statue of Achilles has been inscribed with the characteristic sign. «To the Greatest Greek from the Greatest German», is his tribute.


After the war, the Greek state became the owner of Achillion which remained closed until 1962. From 1994 till today it operates as a museum.