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Porto Timoni

The village of Afionas in the northern Corfu hides a real gem! Porto Timoni!

Essentially, it is about two different beaches as a narrow strip of land separates these two beaches. In fact, this location is magnificent as verdant, and not particularly known.

Although the two beaches are so close to one another, the twin beaches are completely different. Different colors of water and different temperatures. Limni and Porto Timoni are their names. The one has amazing blue-turquoise waters. The other has dark aquamarine blue with shades of green from the lush vegetation. These two bays as you will figure out have different water temperatures.

The Twin beaches are totally unspoiled. The only things you will find there are very clean waters and a few bathers. Obviously, Porto Timoni is an unorganized beach and therefore you must have water and all the essentials for your stay there.