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Vido Island

The island of Vido is situated across the Old Fortress, in the Old City of Corfu. At a distance of about 1.200 meters It covers an area of 538 acres. It stands out for its natural beauty and its beaches. Mostly locals prefer Vido because it is very close to the city. During the summer, small boats depart from the old port of Corfu for Vido and vice versa.

In the past in Vido a penitentiary of minors and later a prison operated on the island. Later, the locals deserted the buildings there. Afterwards a mausoleum was constructed by Serbia for the Serbs who perished from a cholera epidemic. This broke out when they were in Corfu, driven away by the Austrians during World War I. Up until today, Serbs in Vido perform rituals honoring the memory of those people.

The ancient historian, Thoukididis, refers Vido with the name Ptychia. The island is also known as Agios Stefanos or the Island of Peace. The name Vido derives from one of the Venetian owners of the island, Guido Malipieri, and it is a paraphrase of his first name, as Guido became Vido.

Today Vido is uninhabited. Apart from the fully organized beach on this small island of Corfu, you will also find the church of Agios Stefanos as well as facilities for the municipal, children’s summer camps.

Vido offers to the visitors a restaurant, refreshment stands, and complete sanitary facilities. Also, there are lovely paths for walkers who enjoy contact with nature.